About us

Brian in the polytunnel harvesting chardBrian Cavendish
Main grower and erstwhile working horseman

Worked on farms and gardens in Sussex, Cumbria, Hampshire, Gloucestershire and now Cornwall. Farm manager at Ruskin Mill College for twelve happy years.

Experience in biodynamic and organic crop production, animal husbandry as well as vegetable production using working horses.

Trained in biodynamic agriculture and continuing to use BD principals on the land.

Available for consultation work – please contact us if you want an initial chat to see how we can help.


Lucy Honeychurch
Wife and right-hand man

Also worked on organic farms and gardens in Hampshire, Gloucestershire and Cornwall, chief hand-weeder and general tidier-upper.

Worked for Ruskin Mill College, the Soil Association and the National Trust.


There are also a couple of cats hanging around, who are officially vermin control, but they tend to show up for the grub and then slink off again.

Forest House and market garden

Our house and market garden is set in just over an acre of land and is surrounded by woodland.  This is where we do our propagation, grow salads and other varieties that need a bit of tender loving care. We have protected cropping here which allows us to grow all year round, even in the current unpredictable climate.


Adieu Bill and Ben
We’ve now wished our French-bred Comtois working horses au revoir.

The boys have grown up and moved onto to pastures new so that they can help with an exciting new project on the far side of the country. We’ve had long and happy years working together, but as we’ve shifted focus it was only right to let them leave the nest. We’ll be benefitting from their beautiful rich muck in our compost for a few years yet and they send us regular postcards showing off all their new friends and skills.



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