May 152014
Morning sun on our Timperley Early rhubarb in the market garden at Forest House

Morning sun on our Timperley Early rhubarb in the market garden at Forest House

We’re lucky enough to have not one, but two sons who are now chefs and so chef Joe created an amazing Rhubarb tarte tatin for us at the weekend. Using freshly picked sticks and all those ‘cheffy’ tricks, like making caramel, that needs a degree of skill and concentration to do properly.

Needless to say it was heavenly – just need him to come home soon to make it again!

I put the recipe on our partner website at the Keveral Community of Growers, where lucky box customers are now getting our delicious rhubarb too.

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Apr 122014

Now the rain has stopped we’ve been sneaking out and about in the garden borrowing the odd primrose or two to add to a broad bean leaves, kale and fennel salad.

primrose-and-bb-leaf-salad-2014-550x550px-165kbHowever much I like hearty winter stews, it’s always refreshing to start eating real, fresh salads again.

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Apr 012014

I opened the back door to the garage door and found that we’ve had squatters.

bird's nesting in an old body warmer at Forest House market gardenLuckily it’s a jacket that Brian doesn’t want to wear at the moment, otherwise he’d have the dilemma of keeping warm, versus breaking up a happy home…

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Mar 062014

 dried chilli peppers

We’ve been chopping and munching through the chilli peppers we dried from last year. The taste has been pretty good, if I do say do myself, and they’ve brightened up the room with their jewel-like glow hanging down in their strings.

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Feb 282014

We inherited a big marjoram bed, which has gone from strength to strength.
Some herbs, like parsley and basil, are great frozen to tide us over the winter, but this marjoram has done brilliantly tied into a bunch and hung over our faithful (if a bit enigmatic) stove. The colour and taste have preserved well and this year I’m grabbing it straight from the bunch whenever I need a bit of flavour.

dried golden marjoram

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