Why buy organic vegetables?

Organic food and our future

Whether you’re thinking about how your food is grown, where it comes from, what nutritional value it has, how much it costs, what it tastes like or maybe none of the above, organic farmers and growers take extra care in what they produce and grow so that it’s right for us, for nature and for the planet.

It’s not just David Attenborough who cares about the future. Organic and Biodynamic growers and farmers have been working hard for many years to raise awareness of how we treat the earth and the quality of the food we eat.

What is food security?

What does food security mean to us at this time?

When we think back to this spring and the panic buying in the western world, we soon realise how important it is for us to have easy access to food and drink.

Why pay more for organic and biodynamic food?

Paying that little bit more than the bargain basement prices you can find in a supermarket means that you are paying the true cost of the food you eat. Cheap food is produced using industrial methods, not by small-scale organic and GM-free farmers and gardeners. You can read more about our story and why we work the way we do.

To talk to us about how we work and to hear more about biodynamics, organics and small-scale growing methods please call us on 01503 220128 or email us at info@vegetablewhisperer.co.uk.

Biodynamics is a farming method inspired by farmers who were concerned about soil depletion and the increase in industrial farming practices. This was nearly 100 years ago, way before the ‘green revolution’ in the 1970s, so you can see that organics isn’t a new fad, but something that has been talked about and worked with for many years.

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