Our vegetables

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Take a look at what sorts of vegetables we grow throughout the year…
Early season
  • lettuce, broad beans, Swiss chard, rocket, mizuna, radishes, claytonia, spinach, primrose flowers and rhubarb.
Main season
  • tomatoes, french beans, courgettes, cucumbers, rainbow chard, beetroot, carrots, salad leaves, edible flowers, parsley, basil, physalis. tomatilloes and blackcurrants.
  • Also growing a varying range of cut flowers including, cosmos, echinacea, rudbeckia, perennial sunflowers, cornflowers, statice, golden yarrow, verbena, amaranth and echinops.
Late season
  • kale, swedes, carrots, leeks, squash, pumpkins, cabbages, parsnips, marrows, brussel sprouts and raspberries.
What we like to do

Experimenting with techniques for growing crops to minimise how much water we use, looking at composting techniques, mulches and ground cover to reduce the need for weeding and to limit oxidisation. Trialling new varieties of crops. We can grow to order and supply local wholesalers and restaurants. Just drop us a line if there’s something you’d like to discuss.